Here at Circle “C” Ranch, we bring the country to the city.

Children need outdoor play experiences to develop large muscles and to play in a natural environment. With over 5 acres of tree-shaded outdoor play area, we provide a huge variety of gross motor activities.  There is plenty of equipment and space available for climbing, swinging, sliding, rolling, jumping, throwing, catching and running!

We offer:

  • Many different types of learning centers for a variety of learning and play opportunities;
  • Play spaces that are protected from unnecessary interruptions so children can engage in activities with more concentration;
  • Clarity of organization that promotes independence and care for the environment;
  • Places to play and learn in smaller groups, with a friend, or individually.

Our learning centers arrange space in each classroom so that our staff can adequately supervise the children to protect their health and safety, meet their routine care needs in a timely manner, and enhance their play and learning experiences.

In addition, our teachers provide and enhance opportunities outside for quiet play, reading, blocks, art and dramatic play.  We rotate materials in most learning centers at least monthly to spark children’s interest and curiosity.

Not to mention, horses hold a special place in the hearts of children here at Circle “C” Ranch.  Enrolled children enjoy the unique experience of riding and taking care of horses.  Riding classes begin with our children being led around a riding ring and eventually take the reins as they learn the basics of horsemanship.  Every year new skills are learned, and a deeper understanding of these gentle giants evolves.  We also have a few farm animals to love and care for.

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