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Our History

Nurturing children in a natural environment since 1985.

Circle "C" Ranch Academy was opened in 1985 by owner, Sally A. Harris. Prior to Circle "C" Ranch Academy, Mrs. Harris opened the Tampa Junction which offered the only daycare and preschool in the downtown area. However, the school's limited size led Mrs. Harris to sell and start Circle "C" Ranch Academy. Since that time Circle "C" Ranch Academy has established a new concept for preschool and afterschool child care by bringing the "Country to the City".

Circle “C” Ranch Academy has reached national status by achieving accreditation in a nationally renowned organization. In 2000, Circle “C” Ranch Academy was accredited by the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs (NAC). The school’s commitment for providing high quality care for children has continued as Circle “C” Ranch Academy achieves and maintains their national accreditation status each year. Circle “C” Ranch Academy also was awarded and continues to hold the Gold Seal of Excellence from the Department of Children and Families since 1999.

Our Philosophy

Provide each child with a quality education.

We at Circle "C" Ranch Academy are delighted to have the opportunity to love, nurture and educate young children. Our goals are to provide each child with a quality education, to nurture each child's individual gifts and abilities, and to teach them social skills and responsibilities. We provide academics in a developmentally appropriate environment through language arts, reading, math/science, music, computers, Spanish and nature/animals. The method of teaching used is center- based, hands-on interaction, while identifying the learning styles of each child and supporting his/her interests. We believe that children learn best through this type of environment, in which they can experience the learning directly through innovative activities. We strive to nurture each child's social and emotional well-being through character development. We believe in lots of hugs and positive reinforcement. We also try to instill in them the desire to care about each other, to share, to be kind, and to respect each other's ideas and feelings. Teachers teach them by example and conversation how to love each other. Circle “C” Ranch Academy is a business and as such intends to be lovingly and responsibly operated in an ethical and profitable manner. We serve many constituents including the children, their parents/families, our teachers, the support staff, and the South Tampa community.

Our Mission

To love, nurture and educate young children.

Circle "C" Ranch Academy's mission is to love, nurture and educate young children in a safe, developmentally appropriate environment that best balances academics, social skills and technology, while exploring our environment and community.

Our Goals

1. Expect the best.
2. Learn each child’s individual needs.
3. Set high standards.
4. Create an environment where failure is not failing.
5. Use role models to encourage success.
6. Recognize and applaud achievement. “Catch someone doing something right.”
7. Place a premium on team-work and collaboration.
8. Understand others.
9. Have some knowledge about the world, people, places and things.

Use three kinds of knowledge: Book Knowledge, Street Smarts and Common Sense!

10. Empower yourself.